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Welcome to the homepage of the Virginia Peninsula APA - Hampton Roads, VA's largest amateur pool league with 700+ members playing weekly at different host locations all around the counties! Want to get involved in all of the fun? Joining is simple. We can find you a team or help you start your own. Membership is only $25 per year and the weekly dues are only $7 when you play!...So get started in all of the fun today by clicking HERE.
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Please check the 2015 League Calendar, located in the left column of this page, for all league dates and information.
Spring Tri-Cup Tournament is the weekend of May 29th
8-Ball Tri-Cup
9-Ball Tri-Cup
Masters Final Standings and Tournament Board are listed below.
The Ladies Final Standings and Tournament Board are listed below. 
 2015 Ladies Vegas Cup
 2015 Ladies Final Standings - With Captain
Spring Session Final standings are listed below. Congratulations to all the teams that made the playoffs or qualified for  the Tri-Cup.
2015 Spring Final Standings - with Captain 
Spring Playoff Tournament Results
8-Ball Playoffs
9-Ball Playoffs 

The results from Vegas are in. Congratulations to all the players that went out there and did their best. We hope all of you enjoyed the Vegas experience and look forward to seeing you out there again.
8-Ball Doubles 
CP Barringer and Theresa Blake - 257th 
David King and Cassie Sillaro - 65th
9-Ball Doubles
Corbin Mongomery and Vicki Highsmith - 193rd
Wayne Matthews and Julie Piso - 97th
8-Ball Singles
Chase Shelton - 65th
9-Ball Singles
John Peters - 65th
Linda Lewis - 3rd
Linda's picture can be found at the link below. You will also see her in the Summer Edition of The American Poolplayers magazine. 



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While some membership cards require you to be able to jump the cue ball, bank it off three rails and sink the 8-Ball blindfolded, getting an APA Membership Card is much easier.

Having fun, meeting new people and playing pool is what the APA is all about.. You don't have to be a pool shark, because in the APA -- everyone can play and anyone can win. The APA wants beginners and novices, because it is the AMATEUR Poolplayers Association. No other organization in pool gives ordinary players a chance to win a share of nearly $1.5 MILLION guaranteed cash and prizes paid out through its national tournaments. 

How does the APA do it? It uses The Equalizer® handicap system to determine the amount of games a player has to win in order to capture the match. It allows a novice to win less games than a more-skilled opponent to win a match.


Gloucester, Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, York
8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open, Masters
Teams are always forming in the Virginia Peninsula APA! Have a new team? Give us a call at 757-941-5222 so that we can set up a one-on-one training session with you and your new players!


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