The APA Masters Championship


Win up to $3350 + earn a spot in the APA Masters Championships in VEGAS! 

The Masters Division is played Wednesday at 7:00 pm every third week. It features 16 weeks of regular session play (2 matches per week) and 4 weeks of playoffs. The weekly fees are $53 per team per week played.
The amount of teams eligible for the Playoff Tournament will be determined by the amount of teams participating in the league. The top finishing Playoff team(s) will earn a spot into the APA Masters Championships Vegas Cup Finals against the 1st place team(s). The only way to make it to Vegas to compete in the Championships is by playing in a division!
A team consists of 3 to 4 players with no handicap limit. Teams may choose any 3 of the 4 players to participate in each match. There is no coaching in this division. Individual matches will be a race to 7 featuring a combination of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball (8 games of 9-Ball and 5 games of 8-Ball). Players will lag and the winner of the lag chooses the format (8-Ball or 9-Ball) or the opening break. Once the format has been chosen, the entire set of that format must be completed before moving to the next format.
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Tournament Boards for the upcoming Playoffs: Playoffs   Finals