The APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship
 Win up to $3900 + earn a spot in the APA Ladies Championships in VEGAS! 
The Ladies 8-Ball Division is played Friday at 7:00 pm approximately every 3 weeks. It features 14 weeks of regular session play in 10 months. Each regular session play consists of 3 team matches. The weekly fees are $90 per team per week played. One weekend Modified Single Elimination, or Double Elimination, Tournament, which is the third weekend in June, to determine who goes to Vegas.
A team consists of 3 to 5 women. Teams choose any 3 of the 5 team members to participate in each match. The total skill levels of the 3 players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 13.
The amount of teams eligible for the Ladies Playoffs will be determined by the amount of teams participating. The winning team will qualify for the APA Ladies 8-Ball Championships in Vegas. The only way to make it to Vegas to compete in the Ladies 8-Ball Championships is by playing in a division!
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Tournament Board for the upcoming Playoffs: Ladies Playoff Board